Covid-19 has had a significant impact on Walking about‘s program. As we move into Level 2 every walk we create will be responsive to the health advice of the Ministry of Health. Te Uru and the Walking about team will be putting processes in place to make sure you can participate in our walks safely.  We will be maintaining an attendance register for each group walk and managing our numbers so that the appropriate distancing can be achieved. To help us be safe we ask that you stay home if you are sick. We  have plans in place for if we change levels and will keep you informed in the event of change.

Three of the walks that were scheduled to take place during the Level 4 alert can be experienced through the internet and in your bubble. These are Echo Eco Echo by Andrew McMillan, Sports Day by Vanessa Crofskey and Standing at the edge by Melissa Laing. 


We are conscious that a programme of ‘walking’ has a tendency to exclude differently abled people by design. In response to this we have placed the question of access at the forefront of the development process for the project. As part of this we have commissioned works from artists of different physical abilities and asked all artists to consider wheeled access to their walk.

We will clearly signal the access level of each walk and support available and will do our best to ensure access where possible.

If you want to participate in a walk and need any support to do so that we have not considered please contact the curators on


We acknowledge the presence of the Rāhui over the Waitākere Ranges. Any walks undertaken in this area will be on the tracks that have been upgraded and reopened with the consent of Te Kawerau ā Maki or in areas not affected by the Rāhui.

Walking about is, in part, a response to the Rāhui and allows us to consider alternative recreational opportunities at this time.

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