Over the course of the Covid19 lockdown period
three walks were made available online

Echo Eco Echo
Andrew McMillan

Echo Eco Echo, by Andrew McMillan was born digital. The four audio compositions for four sites along the Waterview pathway were created from field recordings and data from environmental sensors captured in early March. The walk attunes participants to the audible environment and enables walking as a meditative practice. Local audiences can access the maps and audio recordings at walkingabout.nz/echoecoecho and walk the artwork while remaining in their bubble.

Echo Eco Echo


Sports Day
Vanessa Crofskey

Sports Day by Vanessa Crofskey pivoted to a digital approach as the Covid19 situation unfolded in New Zealand. The artist collaborated locally with her household and digitally with other creatives to create a Sports Day delivered via both pre-recorded and livestream social media. Contestants can compete from their backyards and share their actions to the hashtags #walkingabout and #sportsdaynz. Crofskey and friends led warm up sessions, run walking ‘races’ calling on everyday life skills and share music to walk to.

Sports Day



Standing at the Edge
Melissa Laing

Melissa Laing and Mustaq Missouri were rehearsing Standing at the edge when the announcement of the Lockdown happened. The performance, a scripted monologue delivered over the course of a walk, explored relationships between property, debt, work and community as they play out on the suburban fringes of Auckland.  Fortunately, that day, they were able to film the 45 minute performance walk through the town centre of North West Westgate as local shops began to close down.

Standing at the edge