Sports Day

Vanessa Crofskey

This April Vanessa Crofskey is bringing you a creative interpretation of the ubiquitous summer athletics festival. Sports Day is a fun day of championship games, all to do with walking. It upends the traditional speed and skill based games and rewards the skills acquired in day to day living. Whether you’re exceptionally good at remembering where you parked your car, carrying groceries, or ambling along to a podcast, Sports Day has a competition for you! Celebrate sport in its most household form, and encourage physical exercise for everybody with us.

Sports Day took place online on 4 April 2020. You can watch the instructional videos and undertake a race at your leisure.

Sports Day – Groceries Run

How good are you at carrying groceries? This grocery run will be a trio of competitive heats designed for the average person. Compete in speed and precision at carrying armfuls of shopping goods across obstacles. 

Sports Day- Slow and Steady

How (s)low can you go? Compete to be the slowest team member walking around the block. The winner is the last one across the line. The rules: you can only move forward, not backward, and have to keep moving no matter what.

Sports Day – Speedometer

How many steps can you take in thirty minutes? Registered participants will be given a pedometer each and thirty minutes to max out their step counts. No cheating allowed!  

Sports Day – Championship Triathlon

Our big event of the day! Participants will compete through a set course of challenges that involve every type of walking imaginable. Success is just a hop, skip and jump away.