Andrew McMillan

Available online from 18 March.
Starts at Harbutt Reserve, Mt Albert, Auckland

Guided walk, Sunday 15 November 2pm

Download the files here


You can also stream the files on Bandcamp or Soundcloud


You can visit for the exact GPS Co-ordinates

The Walk Instructions


Begin at Harbutt Reserve, Mt Albert, Auckland

Download a pdf map of the sites here
Or use google maps to find the sites:

Place yourself in the site and play the track that corresponds to the site number

Balance the sound volume with the ‘live environment’ so the two audio environments blend.

Consider the echonic, or sound memories created here – those that pass fleetingly, those that are constant throughout millennia. Think about how these have changed, evolved and how we carry them with us.

Consider our influence into the sound environment.

Consider the future of the sound in these environments.

After the track has finished, when you are ready, make your own recording (see below) or move on to the next site.

Contributing your own recording

I am constructing a new soundtrack from contributions by those taking part in Echo Eco Echo. If you’re happy to be involved, after playing the track and considering the above provocations, record your own one minute recording of the environment and upload it here:

Feel free to contribute your own sound into the space in your recording – a reaction if you like using words or a story, a poem, song, sounds of your voice/body or an instrument, anything you like.

Please don’t exceed one minute

Use any recording device you like i.e. phone, dictaphone, sound-recorder, anything you can record on to then take and upload your track for each site you visit with details of the location, date and time here: online to us.

Upload your track for each site you visit with the details of the location, date and time here:

Need some help finding the spots? here’s some directions

Travel to Harbutt Reserve, Mt Albert where the walk commences.

Site 1: Te Auaunga Creek Bridge. From the Harbutt Rd entrance walk across the grass towards the trees. Access the stream by the stairs on the left, or the gravel pathway to the right. Wheelchair users may need a support person to navigate the path.

Site 2: Dead End Road. Walk along the Waterview Pathway in a northerly direction until you reach the far end of the baseball fields. There you will find a stand of trees and a dead end road. Place yourself by the concrete barrier at the end of the road.

Site 3: Abandonment. Continue north along the Waterview Pathway until you reach the end of Laurel St. On your left you will find an overgrown site that may have been a car park, looking towards a stand of pine trees. Place yourself in the middle of the site.

Site 4: Te Wai Unuroa o Wairaka. Continue north until you reach Unitec. Turn right where the Waterview Pathway crosses the first road, heading towards Student Central. Pass through the courtyard and go to the eastern side of the Student Central building where you will find a pathway leading you to the stream.